Abraamios 2

Papyri dataset

Dataset 1 (1200 pixels width)

Dataset 2 (500 pixels width)

Distribution of papyri by authors:

Authors #papyri
Amais, Anouphis, Daueit, Kyros2, Victor2 1
Ieremias, Kollouthos, Konstantinos, Psates 2
Philotheos 3
Andreas, Apa Rhasios 4
Dioscorus, Hermauos, Kyros3, Menas, Theodosios 5
Isak 8
Kyros1 9
Pilatos, Victor1 10
Dios 15
Abraamios 21

If you want to refer to this data set in a publication, please cite the following paper:
Nicole Dalia Cilia, Claudio De Stefano, Francesco   Fontanella, Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello, and  Alessandra Scotto di Freca, "PapyRow: a dataset of row images from ancient Greek Papyri for writers identification", In: Del Bimbo A. et al. (eds) Pattern Recognition. ICPR International Workshops and Challenges. ICPR 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12667. Springer, Cham.

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