Siemens S7 – 1500

The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller provides top performance and built-in viability into the future. It is possible to turn the most sophisticated machine designs into reality thanks to the modular structure of the controller, which provides reliable assistance as you work your way through the digital transformation.

FESTO – EasyPort

The EasyPort is an interface for measuring, open-loop control, closed-loop control. Connects the simulation to the real world.
The principle is simple: the USB interface is connected to the PC. The connection to the automation equipment is via standard SysLink connectors. Therefore input and output signals can be read into and output from a PC.

FESTO – CIROS Simulator

The CIROS can be used as a complement to actual laboratory equipment, or as a stand-alone product for completely virtual training. Every package includes an expansive library of kinematic 3D models, including over 850 industrial robots and virtually all Festo Didactic learning systems in the area of factory and process automation. The main areas of application of CIROS Education include:

  • Robot programming
  • PLC programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • Production planning and production control