BCI2000 instructions

BCI 2000 Software

1. Relevant information

BCI 2000 wiki here.

For more information don’t esitate to contact me at: giuseppe.gillini@unicas.it

2. Use of BCI2000

1. Go in ../BCI2000/batch dir and run “p3speller_emotiv”.

2. Click on Config to open BCI2000 configuration page.

3. To load your desired amplifier click on load parameters and select it.

Copy Mode

1. To start the copy mode you should select it in the interpretMode in the application form and load the
“emotiv_epoc-p300 tutorial.prm” amplifier.

2. After you have made a training test, BCI2000 should save a yourExperimentName.data file in the ../BCI2000/batch dir.

3. Open p300classifier tool in the ../BCI2000/tools dir.

4. Load the .data file and run the classification. After the classification you should read the true positive percentage of the p300 signals.

5. Open offlineAnalysis.dat tool in the ../BCI2000/tools dir.

6. Check the “Time (P300)” option in the Analysis Domain section.

7. Open your .data file and start the analysis.

8. Take the channel (y axe) and the time instant (x axe) of four points in the time interval between 250 ms and 550 ms where the signal is marked with the red color.

9. Put the channels in the Waveform Channels textbox and the time instants in the Top Times textbox and do again the analysis. It will now appear the correct and incorrect stimuli waveforms. You will need this information in the next step.

10. You should insert this values in BCI2000 program in the following section: Filtering > Classifier > Edit Matrix. In particualr In the first column you should insert the channels, in the second one the time instants and in the third one all “1”. In the fourth column
you should insert “1” if in the analysis the corresponding correct stimulus has a greater amplitude than the incorrect one, else you should insert “-1”.

Repeat these operations of the copy mode until the percentage of the p300 signals correct classification is greater or equal of 90%.

Free Mode

1. To start the free mode you should select it in the interpretMode in the application form and load the
“.prm” amplifier you want to use.