Pelican instructions

ASCTEC Pelican Aruco

1. Relevant information

  • Admin: asctec
  • Password: asctec
  • Pelican IP:
  • Default Laptop IP:
  • Pelican Ubuntu Ver: 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
  • Pelican ROS Ver: Electric
  • Pelican Camera: Ueye Camera – UI-1221LE

The aruco_ros package has been rewritted for ros electric and for cmake 2.4.6 version.

For more information don’t esitate to contact me at:

2. Setting up Pelican Environment

To open the Pelican GUI interface run

sudo asctec-startx	

To start connection ad-hoc connection between the Pelican and your laptop run:

Pelican Terminal:

cd Desktop
sudo sh roboManet.h	

Laptop Terminal:

cd "pathWhereIsS97myconf_rete.h"
sudo sh S97myconf_rete.h	

3. Pelican Aruco Environment

Setting up the Aruco SDK

Download the 1.2.5 SDK and extract the content; then now, in your terminal, make sure you are within the ArUco directory and run the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Use Aruco

Once copied the content of the Pelican_RosWorkspace_Aruco packege into the Pelican ros_workspace, to compile run:

rosmake -a	

To start using Pelican ueye’ cameras run:

roslaunch ueyecamera camera.launch	

Published Topics:

  • /camera/image
  • /camera1/image
  • /camera2/image

The topic’s name depend on which ueye camera you want to use.

To publish the camera_info topic that is needed to let the aruco libs work in a correctly way run:

rosrun camera_info_pub camera_info_pub

Run your tf node:

rosrun tf tf_monitor

Once chosen the ueye camera to use go in the marker_publisher launch file:

cd ../aruco_ros/launch/marker_publisher.launch	

and write your ueye camera and camera_info topics instead the default ones. Then run:

roslaunch aruco_ros marker_publisher.launch	

To show the marker identification result run:

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/aruco_mark_publisher/result