Research Connections

Progetti di Robotica Industriale e di Servizio, Meccatronica ed Automazione
(The Prisma Lab)

Interuniversity Center on Integrated Systems for Marine Environment

  • Polytechnical University of Marche (Ancona), Dept. Computer, Management & Automation Eng. (DIIGA) – p.o.c. Giuseppe Conte (
  • University of Genova, Dept. Comm. Comp. & System Sciences (DIST) – p.o.c. Giuseppe Casalino (
  • University of Genova, Dept. Biophisycs & Electronic Eng. (DIBE) – p.o.c. Andrea Trucco (
  • University of Salento (Lecce), Dept. Innovation Eng. (DII) – p.o.c. Giovanni Indiveri (
  • University of Pisa, Dept. Elect. Systems & Autom. (DSEA) – p.o.c. Andrea Caiti (
  • University of Trieste, Dept. Electrical, Electronic & Comp. Eng. (DEEI) – p.o.c. Thomas Parisini (
  • University of Verona, Dept. Comp. Science (DI) – p.o.c. Vittorio Murino (

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