Kinova Jaco software-kit

The Kinova Jaco 7 DOF kit includes the source control code in C++/matlab code, Vrep scene with non-spherical wrist and the the relative documentation. It can be downloaded here.

BCI2000 guide

The instruction fos using the BCI2000 software are given in the following guide.

Niryo One software-kit

The Niryo One kit includes the source control code in matlab with the corresponding CoppeliaSim scene.

ASCTEC Pelican ArUco

The Aruco library integration in the ASCTEC Pelican system is described in the following documentation.

KUKA LBR iiwa control

The KUKA LBR iiwa control library includes the direct-kinematics and the dynamic model; furthermore a tutorial to setup the link between MATLAB and V-REP simulator is reported.

Nao control

This software helps to control a simulated Nao using Matlab. Robotics toolbox (release 9.9) is used to build the kinematic chains of the robot and V-rep simulator (PRO EDU version 3.1.3) to visualize the robot behavior for both on-line and off-line control.
The source code can be downloaded here. For more details please read the file ‘Instructions.txt’.