Workshop Program and Presentations

Duration [min]
00 - 10 Introduction
10 - 30Prof. Giuseppe Casalino, ISME - University of Genova
30 - 50Defense Applications of Marine Mobile Robotics, Eng. Daniele Bertin, L3HARRIS-Calzoni
50 - 70Marine Robotics for Monitoring the Oceans: Opportunities and Challenges, Eng. Gabriele Ferri, CMRE - Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
70 - 90A Mutant Concept Drone for Underwater Surveys, Inspection, and Intervention, Prof. Benedetto Allotta, University of Florence
90 - 120to be invited
120 - 150Interaction/Discussion on the Posters


Prof. Gianluca Antonelli

ISME - University of Cassino

Eng. Daniele Bertin


Prof. Giovanni Indiveri

ISME - University of Salento