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Accepted Papers


(download here the list of accepted papers)


TD_063     Aida S., Watanabe k.,  Komatsuzaki A., Miki I. - (Japan)

A 40kW switched reluctance motor for electric vehicle

PEC399     Alolah A. I., Debar N. - (Saudi Arabia)

A complete analysis of a duty cycle controlled single phase PWM AC chopper

PEC241     Dastfan A., Behrangi F. - (Iran)

A DC power supply based on matrix converter with reduced number of switches

TS_313      Falvo M. C. - (Italy)

A deterministic-probabilistic methodology for planning studies on power systems of metro-transit transportation

PEC289     Bellini A., Bifaretti S. - (Italy)

A digital filter to synchronize renewable energy generation systems to the grid

CD_142     Chatterjee D., Nag T. - (India)

A discrete model stator resistance compensated speed estimation technique with fuzzy rotor resistance estimator for sensorless vector controlled induction machine

MEM253   Tessarolo A., Luise F. - (Italy)

A finite element approach to harmonic core loss prediction in VSI-fed induction motor drives

PS1064      Carbone R. - (Italy)

A high performance rectifier for electrical power generation from marine currents

TD_297     De Breucker S., Jacqmaer P., Tant P., Clement K., Verveckken J., Engelen K. - (Belgium)

A hybrid electrical go-kart with energy flow management as a student project

CD_258     Chatterjee D., Kumar Ganguli A., Chakraborti R. - (India)

A model-based on-line rotor resistance estimation technique for rotor flux oriented control of induction machine with an improved flux observer

PEC255     Iman-Eini H.,  Farhangi S.,  Schanen J. L. - (France)

A modular AC/DC rectifier based on cascaded H-bridge rectifier

TS_416      Vadiaty M., Asadi M., Rassaie M., Shariati M., Farzalizadeh S., Ebrahimi A. - (Iran)

A new approach for determination of the communication buses architecture based on IEC 6180 in substation automation system

PEC037     Najafi E., Vahedi A., Mahanfar A. - (Iran)

A new controlling method based on Peak Current Mode (PCM) for PFC

CD_280     Moghaddasian M., Nategh Sh.,  Kianinezhad R., Seifossadat S. Gh. - (Iran/France)

A new direct torque control (DTC) method for dual three phase induction motors using a fuzzy inference system

TS_351      Bracale A., Carpinelli G., Proto D., Varilone P. - (Italy)

A new method for spectrum estimation of non-stationary waveforms in railway systems

CD_317     Youssef K. H., Wahba M. A., Yousef H. A., Sebakhy O. A. - (Egypt)

A new method for voltage and frequency control of stand-alone self-excited induction generator using PWM converter with variable DC link voltage

MIS392     Battistelli L., Chiodo E., Lauria D. - (Italy)

A new methodology for uncertainty evaluation in risk assessment

PS1339      Picardi C., Sgrò D. - (Italy)

A new modeling approach of electrical signals for power systems

PSR131     Valentini M., Munk-Nielsen S., Valderrey Sanchez F., De Estibariz U. M. - (Denmark, Spain, Italy)

A new passive islanding detection method for grid-connected PV inverters

CD_209     Halbaoui K., Boukhetala D., Boudjema F. - (Algeria)

A new robust model reference adaptive control for induction motor drives using a hybrid controller

CD_277     Nategh Sh., Moghaddasian M., Kianinezhad R., Seifossadat S. Gh. - (Iran/France)

A new sensorless field-oriented control for six-phase induction machines

MIS125     Bhan K., Kozorez O., Kozoriz V. - (Ukraine/U.S.A.)

A new superconductive levitation phenomenon and its possible applications capable to reduce the earth climate problem

ED_043     Ronsisvalle C., Enea V. - (Italy)

A new version of monolithic ESBT® power actuator with increased current capability

CD_279     Kianinezhad R., Alcharea R., Nahid B., Betin F., Capolino G. A. - (Iran/France)

A novel direct torque control (DTC) for six-phase induction motors with common neutrals

BD_038     Divandari M., Momeni H.,Rastegar H., Jazaeri M. - (Iran)

A novel dynamic observer and torque ripple minimization via fuzzy logic for SRM drives

ACF152     Pattnaik S., Kumar Panda A., Mahapatra K.K. - (India)

A novel improved soft switching PWM DC-DC converter

MIS344     Barca G., Moschetto A., Sapuppo C., Tina G.M. - (Italy)

A novel MPPT charge regulator for a photovoltaic stand-alone telecommunication system

BD_308     Mirtalaei S. M.M., Moghani J.S., Malekian  K., Abroshan M. - (Iran)

A novel sensorless control strategy for BLDC motor drives using a fuzzy logic-based neural network observer

BD_194     Amiri H., Afjei E. - (Iran)

A novel sensorless technique for a new field assisted switched reluctance motor

BD_096     Afjei E., Ataee S., Mazloomnezhad B. - (Iran)

A novel two phase switched reluctance motor with high starting torque

PEC034     Rosas J. C., Garcia P.M., Ramirez J.M. - (Mexico)

A novel two switches based DC-DC multilevel voltage multiplier

CD_327     Tsuji M., Chen S., Hamasaki S., Ariyoshi K., Zhao X., Yamada E. - (Japan)

A novel V/f control of induction motors for wide and precise speed operation

BD_100     Komatsuzaki A., Bamba T., Miki I. - (Japan)

A position estimation for switched reluctance motor at standstill

CD_400     Gatto G., Marongiu I., Perfetto A., Serpi A. - (Italy)

A predictive direct torque control of asynchronous machines

PS2068      Wangpeng,Yan Xiangwu - (China)

A proposal for IEC flicker measurement using digital filters

MIS301     Petrecca G., De Carli M. - (Italy)

A review of hydrogen applications: technical and economic aspects

BD_397     Jovanovic M., Dorrell G. - (U. K.)

A sensorless speed controller for brushless doubly-fed reluctance machines

CD_355     Castellan S., Favot M., Menis R., Tessarolo A. - (Italy)

A simple fault-tolerant induction motor drive for dependable electrical auxiliary equipment of railway locomotives

PEC406     Ching-Ming Lai - (Taiwan)

A single phase PV inverter with instantaneous real power tracking control to achieve minimum DC-link capacitance

MIS337     Minutoli S., Musico P., Lo Vetere M. - (Italy)

A slow control and monitoring concentrator board for BaBar experiment at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

PS2413      A. Prudenzi,  Di Lillo M., Capuani F., Falvo C. - (Italy)

A software tool for energy audit activities in buildings

MEM203   Amelon N., Aït-Ahmed M., Benkhoris M. F. - (France)

A state space behavior model of an embedded synchronous generator

MEM086   Henze O., De Gersem H., Weiland T. - (Germany)

A stator coil model for studying high-frequency effects in induction motors

BD_197     Schinnerl B., Gerling D. - (Germany)

A survey of different analytical methods to calculate the non-linear Ø-I-characteristic of switched-reluctance-machines

MEM003   Brudny J.F., Godin Th. - (Canada/France)

A system of excitation with commutator modified in a system having rotating diodes: advantages, sizing and construction

MIS325     Perdigão M. S., Alonso J. M., Dalla Costa M. A., Saraiva E. S. - (Portugal)

A variable inductor MATLAB/Simulink behavioral model for application in magnetically-controlled electronic ballasts

PEC331     Belloni M., Bonizzoni E., Maloberti F. - (Italy)

A voltage-to-pulse converter for very high frequency DC-DC converters

EEE028     Irmak E. , Bayindir R., Colak I. , Sagiroglu S., Bal G. - (Turkey)

A web based real time speed control experiment on ultrasonic motor for educational purposes

BD_107     Nica C., Enache M. A. - (Romania)

About operation characteristics of low power synchronous motors af frequency command

CD_415     Bruzzese C., Santini E., Sciunnache D. - (Italy)

AC motor PWM control system based on x86 processor board and Linux-embedded OS

PEC035     Lozano  M.  Jose,   Ramirez M. - (Mexico)

AC-AC converter for unbalanced supply

PS3398      Cecconi V., Di Dio V., Di Tommaso  A. O., Di Tommaso S., La Cascia D., Miceli R. - (Italy)

Active power maximizing for wind electrical energy generating systems moved by a modular multiple blade fixed pitch wind turbine

MR_093    Guo Y., Chen L. - (China)

Adaptive control of free-floating dual-arm space robot system with two objets in joint space

CD_316     Youssef K. H., Wahba M. A., Yousef H. A., Sebakhy O. A. - (Egypt)

Adaptive fuzzy APSO based inverse tracking-controller for DC motors

PEC315     Youssef K. H., Wahba M. A., Yousef H. A., Sebakhy O. A. - (Egypt)

Adaptive fuzzy backstepping control of three phase AC/DC PWM converter for induction motor drives

MR_127    Maouche A. R., Attari M. - (Algeria)

Adaptive neural controller of a rotating flexible manipulator

CD_295     Vendrusculo E. A., Antenor Pomilio J. - (Brazil)

Adaptive speed estimator for single-phase induction motor

CD_005     Kasmieh T. - (Syria)

Adaptive stator flux estimator for the induction machine direct torque control

PEC384     Tenca P., Borghetti G., Carpaneto M., Marchesoni M., Vaccaro L. - (Italy)

Adjustment of machine voltage in AC drives operating at constant power: consequences for the Inverter

PS3358      Carmeli M. S., Castelli Dezza F., Faranda R., Marchegiani G., Mauri M. - (Italy)

Advanced control strategy for PQ improvement in PV systems without energy storage device

MEM353   Buccella C., Cecati C., Di Domenico M. - (Italy)

An accurate equivalent circuit of high power/high frequency planar transformers using FEM

BD_102     Kasa N., Iida T. - (Japan)

An accurate estimation method for position angles of salient-pole brushless DC motor

MIS345     Barca G., Moschetto A., Sapuppo C., Tina G.M. - (Italy)

An advanced SOC model and energy management for a stand-alone telecommunication system

MEM324   Bülent Ertan H., Burak Yalçiner L. - (Turkey)

An analitical approach for the calculation flux linkage including end effect for SR motors

BD_042     Pavlitov C., Gorbounov Y., Rusinov R., Alexandrov A., Hadjov K.,  Dontchev D. - (Bulgaria)

An approach to identification of a class of switched reluctance motors

EEE024     De Tommasi G., Pironti A. - (Italy)

An educational open-source tool for the design of IEC 61131-3 compliant automation software

TD_273     Tabbache B., Kheloui A., Hanini N. - (Algeria)

An electric differential system for a two-wheel mobile plat-form using direct torque control with adaptive flux and speed observers

EEE191     Pinheiro Lopes F.,Soares Oliveira P., Reis L. P., Araújo R. E. - (Portugal)

An electric wheelchair as a tool for motivating students in power electronics

CD_349     Kyeong-Hwa Kim - (Korea)

An MRAC-based adaptive current control scheme of an AC servo motor for performance improvement of a servo drive

BD_234     Abroshan M., Malekian K., Milimonfared J. - (Iran)

An optimal direct thrust force control for interior permanent magnet linear synchronous motors incorporating field weakening

PEC104     Gragger J.V., Himmelstoss F. A. - (Austria)

Analysis and control of a two-stage boost converter

CD_216     Piepenbreier B., Weidinger T. - (Germany)

Analysis and modelling of common mode oscillations of electrical drive systems with active front end and long motor cables

PEC183     Thrimawithana D., Madawala U. K. - (New Zealand)

Analysis of split-capacitor push-pull parallel resonant converter in normal mode

PEC389     Jong Kwan Park, Kyu Min Cho, Ki Sun Cho, Won Seok Oh, and Chi Gak In - (Korea)

Analysis of the errors on the output voltage of inverter caused by switching dead time

BD_155     Almandoz G., Poza J., Rodriguez M. A., Gonzales A. - (Spain)

Analytic model of a PMSM considering spatial harmonics

MIS124     Alexandersson S., Bangtsson H. - (Sweden)

Analytic prediction of electromagnetic behaviour

TD_187     El Hayek J., Skarpetowski G. - (Switzerland/Poland)

Analytical model application on a converter for traction drives

MEM299   Khodja D. E., Chetate B. - (Algeria)

ANN based double stator asynchronous machine diagnosis taking torque change into account

ED_202     Cosentino G., Ardita G. - (Italy)

Anomalous failures in low voltage p-channel power MOSFETSs during the intrinsic diode recovery time

PS1296      Baghaee H. R., Sanjari J., Mirsalim S. M., Gharehpetian G. B. - (Iran)

Application of FDG in fault current limitation in distribution systems including DG units

PS2179      Merdan E., Petrean L., Munteanu C., Ilia M., Dale L. - (Romania)

Aspects regarding the power quality in distribution networks from the Electrica Transilvania Nord Company

PEC058     Oguchi K. - (Japan)

Asymmetrical multi-phase voltage methods of autotransformer-based boost rectifier systems with three-phase sinusoidal line currents

PEC061     Oguchi K. - (Japan)

Autotransformer-based 18-pulse rectifiers without using DC-side interphase transformers: classification and comparison

MEM029   Moehle A. - (Germany)

Balancing currents in parallel winding branches of super large drives

MIS309     Benhaddadi M., Olivier G. - (Canada)

Barriers and incentives policies to high-efficiency motors and drives market penetration

PSR040     Demirbas S., Demirtas M., Sefa I., Colak I. - (Turkey)

Building of W&S energy system

MEM 201  Deak C., Petrovic L., Binder A., Mirzaei M., Funieru B. - (Germany)

Calculation of eddy currents losses in permanent magnetsof synchronous machines

MIS132     da Câmara R. A., Cruz C.M.T., Torrico-Bascopé R.P. - (Brazil)

Center tapped preregulator based on three-state switching cells for UPS applications

MEM085   Ohashi S. - (Japan)

Characteristics of the linear synchronous generator using energy from mechanical vibration

MEM074   Jurca F., Martis C., Karoly B. - (Romania)

Claw-pole generator analysis using Flux 3D

PS2145      Rueckert B., Hofmann W. - (Germany)

CMV-minimized direct power control of the grid side connected converter in doubly fed induction generators

MIS264     Ale-Emran S.M., Forghani M., Abedi M., Gharehpetian G.B. - (Iran)

Combined operation of UPQC and fuel cell with common DC bus

MIS265     Ale-Emran S.M., Noroozian R., Abedi M., Gharehpetian G.B. - (Iran)

Combined operation of UPQC and photovoltaic with multi-input single-output DC/DC converter

PS1087      Dobriceanu M., Bitoleanu A., Popescu M., Subtirelu E., Enache S. - (Romania)

Combined protection and control equipment for applications in the medium-voltage area

PEC346     Serrao V., Lidozzi A., Solero L., Di Napoli A. - (Italy)

Common and differential mode EMI filters for power electronics in automotive applications

PEC169     Deblecker O., Moretti A., Vallée F. - (Belgium)

Comparative analysis of two zero-current switching isolated DC-DC converter for auxiliary railway supply

PEC254     Tessarolo A., Castellan S., Sulligoi G. - (Italy)

Comparative performance analysis of VSI and CSI supply solutions for high-power multi-phase synchronous motor drives

PEC290     Tongkhundam G., Konghirun M. - (Thailand)

Comparative studies between filter networks and half DC-link filter in long cable drives

MEM207   Eastham J. F., Cox T., Proverbs J. - (U.K.)

Comparison between plate and wound secondaries for linear induction motors with concentrated winding primaries

CD_286     Beizama A.M., Echeverria J.M., Fontan L., Martinez-Iturralde M., Egaña I. - (Spain)

Comparison between pole-placement control and sliding mode control for 3-pole radial magnetic bearings

CD_335     Consoli A., Scarcella G., Scelba G. Billè S. M., Costanzo D., Cucuccio A. - (Italy)

Comparison of low-cost-implementation sensorless schemes in vector controlled adjustable speed drives

CD_300     Aarniovuori L., Laurila L., Niemelä M., Pyrhönen J. - (Finland)

Comparison of the induction motor simulation models - analytical and FEM - in drive system controlled with direct torque control

TD_282     Fodorean D., Ruba M., Szabo L., Miraoui A. - (France/Romania)

Comparison of the main types of fault-tolerant electrical drives used in automobile applications

PEC367     Babaei E., Hosseini S H. - (Iran)

Comparison of two general control methods for 3-phase to 2-phase direct converters

PEC088     Borzabadi E., Bayati M., Esthtehardiha S. - (Iran)

Comparison PID control with fuzzy control method into improvement performance in the DC-DC converter

CD_237     Kheldoun A., Chetate B. - (Algeria)

Compensation for the iron loss effect in EKF-based speed estimation of vector controlled induction motors

BD_047     Enache M. A., Enache S., Dobriceanu M. - (Romania)

Considerations regarding dynamic regimes of reluctance synchronous motors

PS1019      Ghadimi A., Rastegar H., Keyhani A. - (Iran)

Control of distributed generation units in stand-alone industrial networks

MR_244    Bidzoaca N. G., Petrisor A., Diaconu I., Bidzoaga E. - (Romania)

Control of shape memory alloy based tentacle robot

BD_363     Ivanov S., Defosse V., Labrique F., Sente P. - (Belgium/Romania)

Control under normal and fault operation of a PM synchronous motor with physically and magnetically decoupled phases

PEC156     Dargahi M., Rezanejad M., Ranjbar A. - (Iran)

Controller design for output voltage improvement of DC/DC buck-boost converter

CD_414     Hamouda R. M., AlZaid Z. R. - (Saudi Arabia)

Damping electro-mechanical oscillation by coordination between thyristor controlled braking resistors and power system stabilizer

PEC419     Chole A. M., Fernandes B.G. - (India/U.K.)

DC-DC power conversion using smart piezoelectric transformers

TD_105     Ke Wang, Liming Shi, Yaohua Li, Jinwei He - (China)

Decoupled-control scheme of combined levitation-and-propulsion SLIM based on voltage vector selection

MEM407   Steinbrink J. - (Germany)

Design and analysis of windings of electrical machines

PEC246     Camur S., Arifoglu B., Beser E., Kandemir Beser E. - (Turkey)

Design and application of a novel structure and topology for multilevel inverter

BD_270     Nezamabadi M. M., Rahmati A., Afjei E. - (Iran)

Design and implementation of a sensorless SRM drive with complete isolation

BD_013     Niasar A. H., Vahedi A., Moghbeli H. - (Iran)

Design and implementation of sensorless control for four switch, three-phase brushless DC motor drive based on DSP technology

PEC227     Ling Su, Dongsheng Ma - (U.S.A.)

Design and optimization of integrated low-voltage low-power monolithic CMOS charge pumps

MIS098     Ahola J., Ahonen T., Särkimäki V., Kosonen A., Tamminen J., Tiainen R., Lindh T. - (Finland)

Design considerations for current transformer based energy harvesting for electronics attached to electric motor

PEC039     De Simone S., Adragna C., Spini C. - (Italy)

Design guideline for magnetic integration in LLC resonant converters

MEM033   Grabner C. - (Germany)

Design impacts to the acoustic noise emission of a converter driven squirrel cage induction motor

MIS236     Gaetani R., Verardi A., Mele E., Visconti P., Cavalera G. - (Italy)

Design of an electronic control system for overcurrent protection in a voltage regulator based on auto-transformer

BD_356     Seo Jung-Moo - (Korea)

Design of BLDC motor for blower system taking into account vibration

MIS103     Zhao Yufeng, Yang Shiyan, Yang Wei - (China)

Design of microarc oxidation supply and study of switching losses and positive snubber

BD_357     Khov M., Regnier J., Faucher J. - (France)

Detection of inter-turn short circuits faults in stator of permanent magnet synchronous motor by on-line parameter estimation

PEC412     Cavallaro C., Chimento F., Musumeci S., Raciti A., Santonocito C. - (Italy)

Devices power losses evaluation in series resonant converter assisted by a dedicated software tool

CD_059     Braslavsky I. Ya., Kostylev A.V. - (Russia)

Digital prediction control of electrical drive using neural network

PEC329     Nedeljkovic D., Nemec M., Drobnic K., Ambrožic V. - (Slovenia)

Direct Current Control of Active Power Filter without Filter Current Measurement

MIS374     Budig P. K. - (Germany)

Direct linear drives for the application in high vacuum

MSA381    Gaffney M., Nolan J. D., Piekarz R. L., Rivella O. - (U.S.A./Italy)

Direct to drive technology for electric propulsion

PS1362      Nunnari G., Spata A. - (Italy)

Does a negentropic approach allow predicting blackout in electric power transmission networks?

CD_382     Gentile G., Ometto A., Rotondale N. - (Italy)

Double winding linear induction motor drives

PEC031     Sefa I.,Altin N., Ozdemir S., Demirtas M. - (Turkey)

dSPACE based control of voltage source utility interactive inverter

PS3266      Ale-Emran S.M., Abedi M., Gharehpetian G.B., Noroozian R. - (Iran)

Dynamic operation of a photovoltaic system connected to distribution system

MIS348     Szumanowski A., Piórkowski P. - (Poland)

Dynamic ultracapacitor modelling based on bench tests

PS3287      Lughi V., Massi Pavan A., Quaia S., Sulligoi G. - (Italy)

Economical analysis and innovative solutions for grid connected PV plants

CD_205     Carmeli M. S., Castelli Dezza F., Iacchetti M., Perini R. - (Italy)

Effect of the errors in the rotor position estimation on the stability of a Double Fed Induction Motor where the mechanical quantities are estimated by a MRAS

ED_044     Jae-Eul Yeon, Cha-Kwang Kim, Myung-Sub Jung, Woo-Taek Kim, Kyu-min Cho, Hee-Jun Kim - (Korea)

Effectiveness of FRFET® MOSFETs for theCCFL Inverter in LCD TVs

TS_172      Munteanu C., Diaconu C., Pop I. T., Topa V. - (Romania)

Electric and magnetic field distribution inside high voltage power stations from Romanian power grid

PS1319      Pawlik M., Buchta J. - (Poland)

Electrical drives in high-efficient coal-fired power plants

EEE248     Bullejos Martin D. - (Spain)

Electrical engineering in European higher education area

PS3196      Varadi A. Sz., Takacs J. - (Hungary)

Electricity generation from solid waste by plasma reactor

BD_214     Ferkova Z., Franko M., Kuchta J., Rafajdus P. - (Slovak Rep.)

Electromagnetic design of ironless permanent magnet synchronous motor

PS3263      Menniti D., Pinnarelli A., Scordino N.I., Sorrentino N. - (Italy)

Emissions reduction and risk management in the operating reserve assessment in presence of wind generation plants

PEC385     Borghetti G., Carpaneto M., Marchesoni M., Tenca P., Vaccaro L. - (Italy)

Energy efficiency improvement in AC/DC/AC diode-clamped multilevel conversion systems

MSA380    D’Arco S., Monti A., Dougal R. - (U.S.A.)

Energy storage management as key issue in control of power systems in future All Electric Ships

BD_066     Ishizuka N., Yoshizaki K., Komatsuzaki A., Miki I. - (Japan)

Estimation of initial rotor position for slotless PM motor

MIS168     Walter J., Ceglia G., Guzman V. - (Venezuela)

Evaluation of an automotive alternator as a power element for its use in an alternative energy system

PEC228     Górecki K., Zarebski J., Zarebski R. - (Poland)

Examining the usefulness of themethod of averaged models in calculating characteristics of a buck converter at steady state

ED_411     Cannone A., Cavallaro C., Chimento F., Musumeci S., Raciti A. - (Italy)

Experimental evaluation of parallel connection of super-junction MOSFET in PFC applications

MEM249   Boccaletti C., Duni G., Santini E. - (Italy)

Extended Thévenin equivalent circuits

MIS225     Carvalho I. S., Valcárcel D. F., Fernandes H., Carvalho B. B., Sousa J., Pironti A., De Tommasi G. - (Portugal/Italy)

Fast digital link for a tokamak current source control

MEM200   Elósegui I., Egaña I., Martínez-Iturralde M., García Rico A., Flórez J. - (Spain)

Fast sizing and simulation of multipole radial flux permanent magnet synchronous machines

FDA076     González-Contreras B.M., Rullán-Lara J. L. - (Mexico)

Fault diagnosis of the three-phase power inverter-induction motor set using bond graph

BD_221     Gameiro N. S., Marques Cardoso J. M. - (Portugal)

Fault tolerant control strategy of SRM drives

PS_071      Oprea C., Martis C. - (Romania)

Fault tolerant permanent magnet  synchronous machine for electric power steering systems

PEC170     Vinnikov D., Laugis J.,  Lehtla T. - (Estonia/ Russia)

Feasibility study of 200 kW half-bridge and full-bridge DC/DC converters with 6.5 kV IGBT

PSW112    Campoccia A., Dusonchet L., Telaretti E., Zizzo G. - (Italy)

Financial measures for supporting wind power systems in Europe: a comparison between green tags and feed’in tariffs

PEC333     Abe S., Ninomiya T. - (Japan)

First-order transient response of DC-DC converter with peak current mode control for low-voltage application

MEM070   Abirami S., Ganambal I., Srihari T. - (India)

Flux switching motor modelling and simulation

MEM046   Werner U. - (Germany)

Foundation forces due to dynamic air gap torques of soft mounted asynchronous machines with flexible rotors in sleeve bearings – a calculation method

TD_371     Fayazi A., Farhangi S., Asaei B. - (Iran)

Fuel consumption and emission reduction of a mild hybrid vehicle

TD_181     Cheli F., Mapelli F. L., Manigrasso R., Tarsitano D. - (Italy)

Full energetic model of a plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle

CD_171     Laakam M., Naceur M. A. - (Tunisia)

Fuzzy logic controller for high performances of induction motor

PS1341      Conti S., Greco A. M., Messina N. - (Italy)

Generators control systems for stable operation

PEC359     Silvestre J. - (Portugal)

Half-bridge bidirectional DC-DC converter for small electric vehicle

PEC 304    Shyu J. L. - (Taiwan)

Harmonic distortion reduction technique for uninterruptible power supplies with DC voltage boost technique

PS1352      Bracale A., Carpinelli G., Caramia P. - (Italy)

Harmonic impedance estimation using high resolution spectral analysis

CD_176     Szentirmai L., Szarka T. - (Hungary)

High-tech drive control performance under supply voltage deviation from required quality

TD_213     Wilhelm J., Janssen H., Mergel J., Stolten D. - (Germany)

Horizontal order picker driven by a direct methanol fuel cell

TD_188     Cerovsky Z., Mindl P. - (Czech Rep.)

Hybrid electric cars, combustion engine driven cars and their impact on environment

MEM212   Drighiciu A., Manolea G., Petrisor A. - (Romania)

Hybrid Petri nets as a new formalism for modeling electrical drives

TD_332     Camara M. B., Fodorean D., Gualous H., Miraoui A. - (France)

Hybrid sources control for electric drives traction applications

TD_198     Oleschuk V., Griva G., Profumo F., Tenconi A. - (Italy)

Hybrid traction drive with symmetrical split-phase motor controlled by synchronized PWM

CD_217     Gajdušek M., Damen A.A.H.,  van den Bosch P.P.J. - (The Netherlands)

Identification and precise decoupling of a 3-DOF planar actuator with manipulator

MEM326   Vyncke T. J., De Belie F. M. L. L., Boel R. K., Melkebeek J. A. A., Cheng Y., Lataire P. - (Belgium)

Identification of synchronous machines in the frequency domain by multisine excitation

PSW149    Brenna M., Foiadelli F. - (Italy)

Impact of the wind generation connected to weak grids

PEC242     Diaz N. L., Barbosa F. H., Trujillo C. L. - (Colombia)

Implementation of nonlinear power flow controllers to control a VSC

PS3410      Tina G., Capizzi G. - (Italy)

Improved  lead-acid battery modelling for photovoltaic application by recurrent neural networks

PEC081     Kurokawa F., Sukita S. - (Japan)

Improvement of dynamic characteristics of digitally controlled DC-DC converter

MSA114    Matsui N., Kurokawa F., Shiraishi K. - (Japan)

Improvement of transient response of power turbine generator as energy saving on ship plant

MEM193   Sobczyk T. J. - (Poland)

Inductanceless model of salient-pole synchronous machines

CD_386     Borghetti G., Carpaneto M., Marchesoni M., Vaccaro L. - (Italy)

Induction motor DTC with improvement in low frequency torque harmonic content

MR_330    Chiandone M., Cleva S., Menis R., Sulligoi G. - (Italy)

Industrial motion control applications using Linux RTAI

ED_387     De Vivo B., Egiziano L., Lamberti P., Tucci V. - (Italy)

Influence of circuit parameters on the electric discharge machining of the bearings of a PWM inverter driven motor

MSA378    Da Rin A., Quaia S., Sulligoi G. - (Italy)

Innovative concepts for power station design in all electric ships

PEC418     Fukushima K., Ninomiya T., Shoyama M., Norigoe I., Harada Y., Tsukakoshi K., Dai Z. - (Japan)

Input current-ripple reduction method on a novel pulse-link  DC-AC converter for fuel cells applications

PEC271     Wilkie K., Stone D., Bingham C., Foster M. - (U.K.)

Integrated multilevel converter and battery management

TD_108     Schaefer H., Kuhn K. J. - (Germany)

Integration of electric drives into different hybrid configurations of hybrid electric vehicles

PS1342      Conti S., Greco A. M., Messina N. - (Italy)

Intentional islanding of MV microgrids - Part 2: Discussion of a case study and analysis of simulation results

ED_336     Leidhold R., Mutschler P. - (Germany)

Interaction between the current controller and the injection of alternating carriers in sensorless drives

MEM089   Sakamoto T., Wakimoto H. - (Japan)

Internal stress analysis of Halbach array magnets with application to linear synchronous motors

MIS 361     Balan H., Munteanu R., Vadan J., Botezan A. - (Romania)

Inverse currents injection module for direct current interrupters

TD_123     Manigrasso R., Mauri M., Mapelli F. L., Tarsitano D. - (Italy)

Inverter loss minimization for a plug-in hybrid veihcle traction drive using DSC control

PS2210      Massoud A. M., Finney S. J., Williams B. W. - (U.K.)

Inverter-based versus synchronous-based distributed generation; fault current limitation and protection issues

PEC302     Zak J., Peroutka Z. - (Czech Rep.)

Laboratory prototype of traction converter with medium frequency transformer

ED_281     Jalakas T., Vinnikov D., Laugis L. - (Estonia)

Light load operation of 6.5 kV 200A IGBT in halfbridge configuration

PS2394      Andreotti A., Mottola F., Pagano M. - (Italy)

Lightning induced voltage on power lines: a comparison between analytical solutions

CD_006     Sayidi, A. M., Nekoui M.A. - (Iran)

Linear optimal control of one-machine infinit-bus model considering machine order increase

TD_137     Kolomeitsev L.,  Kraynov D., Pakhomin S., Rednov F., Kallenbach E., Kireev V., Boecker J., Schneider T., Henke C. - (Germany/Russia)

Linear switched reluctance motor as a high efficiency propulsion system for railway vehicles

CD_321     Jeftenic B., Bebic M., Gvozdenovic M., Risti L., Jevtic D. - (Serbia)

Load equalization for high-power induction motors by speed control in limited range

CD_390     Won Seok Oh, Kim Sol, Ki Sun Cho, Kyu Min Cho, Seung Ho Yang - (Korea)

Load variation compensated neural network speed controller for induction motor drives

ED_095     Abdelsalam A. K., Masoud M.I., Finney S.J., Williams B.W. - (U. K.)

Losses calculation for medium voltage PWM current source rectifiers using different semiconductor devices

ED_328     Ferreyre F., Clerc G., Goyet R., Bouscasse T. - (France)

Low cost command device for single-phase induction motors

CD_262     Krischan K., Dannerer G., Koenig O., Seebacher R. R. - (Austria)

Low cost speed control for single phase induction motors - comparing different approaches with regard to efficiency

PEC090     Meco-Gutiérrez M.J., Ruiz Gonzalez A.,Vargas-Merino F., Heredia-Larrubia J.R. - (Spain)

Low heating losses by harmonic injection PWM with a frequency modulated triangular carrier

PEC402     Accardo L., Fioretto M., Giannini G., Marino P. - (Italy)

Low power Active Filter for conductive EMI compensation in a railway signalling window

PSR030     Demirtas M., Sefa I., Irmak E., Colak I. - (Turkey)

Low-cost and high sensitive microcontroller based data acquisition system for renewable energy sources

MIS373     Budig P. K. - (Germany)

Magnetic bearings with DC bias: design and optimum material choice

PEC303     Komrska T.,  Peroutka Z. - (Czech Rep.)

Main traction converter with medium-frequency transformer: control of conveters around MF transformer

MIS117     Grigoryeva L., Kozoriz V., Lyashko O. - (Ukraine)

Maple-exploring of a free flywheel suspended by the superconductive bearing

MIS195     Ivanov V., Ivanov S., Brojboiu M., Sente P. - (Romania/Belgium)

Matlab graphical user interface for system with Dallas microcontroller

BD_164     Bonfè M., Bergo M. - (Italy)

Mechatronic design of a PM brushless motor driven gear pump with sensorless control

MIS023     Molfese C., Schipani P., Capaccioli M., Sedmak G., D’Orsi S. - (Italy)

Mechatronic distributed control system for telescope primary mirror active optics

PEC025     Martin J., Ladoux P., Chauchat B., Casarin J., Nicolau S. - (France)

Medium frequency transformer for railway traction: characterisation of high voltage semi-conductors in soft switching mode

BD_099     Shabani A.M., Kaviani A.K., Milimonfared J. - (Iran)

Minimization of commutation torque ripple of brushless DC motors with optimized neural network based input voltage control

PEC204     Plaza D., De Keyser R., Bonilla J. - (Belgium)

Model predictive and sliding control of a boost converter

PEC284     Vadillo J., Echeverria J. M., Fontan L., Martínez-Iturralde M., Elósegui I. - (Spain)

Modeling and simulation of a direct space vector modulated matrix converter using different switching strategies

BD_012     Niasar A. H., Vahedi A., Moghbeli H. - (Iran)

Modeling and simulation of four-switch, three-phase brushless DC motor drive based on switching function concept

MEM065   Cay Z., Henze O., Weiland T. - (Germany)

Modeling and simulation of rolling element bearing in inverter-fed AC motors

MR_243    Petrisor A., Bizdoaca N. G., Drighiciu M., Petrisor R. - (Romania)

Modeling and simulation of walking and climbing robots based on stable states transition approach as control strategy

MR_011    Hentout A., Bouzouia B., Toukal Z. - (Algeria)

Modeling multi-agents system for driving mobile manipulator robots

BD_147     Sadeghierad M., Darabi A., Lesani H., Monsef H. - (Iran)

Modeling of coreless high-speed axial-flux PM generator

MEM075   Amimeur H., Abdessemed R., Aouzellag D., Merabet E., Hamoudi F. - (Algeria)

Modelling and analysis of dual-stator windings self-excited induction generator

PS1129      Imecs M., Szabo C., Incze I. I. - (Romania)

Modelling and simulation of a vector controlled synchronous generator supplying a DC energy distribution line coupled to the AC grid

TS_422      Nicolae P. M., Stanescu G. - (Romania)

Modern urban transportation system based on a PWM inverter

BD_167     Viorel I. A., Larisa S. - (Romania)

Modular double sided linear switched reluctance motor

MIS294     Speretta S., Sansoè C., Del Corso D., Reyneri L. M. - (Italy)

Modular power supply for nano and micro satellites

PEC231     Laczynski T., Werner T., Mertens A. - (Germany)

Modulation error control for medium voltage drives with LC-filters and synchronous optimal pulsewidth modulation

PEC130     Szczepanik J. - (Poland)

Multiphase matrix converter for power systems application

TD_364     Silva M., Trovao J. P., Pereirinha P., Marques L. - (Portugal)

Multiple energy sources monitoring system for electric vehicle

CD_148     Tongkhundam G., Konghirun M. - (Thailand)

Multiple scalar controlled drives of induction motors for long cable applications

PSW080    Onel I., Aycicek E. - (Turkey)

Near future energy crisis in Turkey and new opportunities: wind energy

MEM261   Cedell T., Andersson M., Jeppsson P., Alaküla Mats, Reinap A., Högmark C. - (Sweden)

New advances in soft magnetic materials - Properties of moulded flux conductors in inductors and electrical motors

SEM004    Basler S., Kennel R.M. - (Germany)

New developments in capacitive/electrical encoders for servo drives

PEC135     Adragna C., De Simone S., Gattavari G. - (Italy)

New fixed off-time PWM modulator provides constant frequency operation in boost PFC pre-regulators

MIS320     Kozoriz V., Kostenko V., Korbut L., Lyashko S., Tretjak O., Tiagulskij V. - (Russia)

New magnetic force phenomenon testing

PEC365     Babaei E., Hosseini S H. - (Iran)

New multilevel converter topology with minimum number of gate driver circuits

MSA379    Mazzuca T., Torre M. - (Italy)

New trends in Italian naval propulsion plants design approach

ACF151     Iannuzzi D., Lauria D., Pagano M. - (Italy)

Non linear control of STATCOM for stand-alone power systems

CD_312     Yanfeng Li, Haibin Yu, Dongmei Xie - (China)

Nonintrusive efficiency estimation-based fuzzy logic efficiency improvement in an open-loop speed control on induction motors

ED_165     Zarebski J., Dabrowski J. - (Poland)

Non-isothermal characteristics of SiC power Schottky diodes

PS2311      Robinett R. D., Wilson D. G. - (U.S.A.)

Nonlinear power flow control applied to power engineering

MSA162    De Falco S., Pasquino N. - (Italy)

Nonstationary models for PQ monitoring in naval electrical systems

TD_334     Gould C. R., Bingham C. M., Stone D. A., Bentley P. - (U. K.)

Novel battery model of an all-electric personal rapid transit vehicle to determine state-of-health through subspace parameter estimation and Kalman filter

MEM106   Bergoug N., Kadid F.Z., Abdessemed R. - (Algeria)

Numerical modeling of the electromagnetic model of an annular induction MHD pump by the finite volume method

MID166     Balestrino A., Landi A., Sani L. - (Italy)

On-line monitoring of a PMSM drive system by a multiple feedback relay

CD_269     Hamasaki S., Tsuji M., Yano J., Yamada E. - (Japan)

Online signal frequency analysis using power series type wavelet transform

PEC377     Wilkie K. D., Foster M. P., Stone D. A., Bingham C. M. - (U. K.)

On-line tuning of a PID controller for a buck converter using a genetic algorithm

BD_052     Botan C., Horga V., Ratoi M. - (Romania)

Optimal control of the electrical drives with permanent magnet synchronous machine

PSW126    Nandigam M., Dhali S. K. - (U.S.A.)

Optimal design of a HVDC offshore wind farm layout

PS1146      Andreotti A., De Martinis U., Lauria D., Mottola F. - (Italy)

Optimal design of combined AC-DC transmission lines

BD_082     Caux S., Maussion P. - (France)

Optimal setting of PMSM observer parameters using 2D experimental designs

TD_211     Miyatake M., Matsuda K. - (Japan)

Optimal speed and charge/discharge control of a train with onboard energy storage devices for minimum energy operation

MEM276   Pyc M., Gerling D. - (Germany)

Optimization of a homopolar machine

MR_240    Stan S. D., Maties V., Balan R. - (Romania)

Optimization of a six degree of freedom micro parallel robot

PS1053      Chebbi S., Oualbani A., Annabi M. - (Tunisia)

Optimization of the electrical production of the electrical groups

MEM208   Munteanu A., Simion A., Livadaru L. - (Romania)

Optimization study upon excitation pole shape of a hybrid synchronous generator

MEM111   Centner M., Hanitsch R. - (Germany)

Performance evaluation of a subfractional horse-power permanent-magnet machine with a fractional slot-winding and asymmetrical stator-slot layout

CD_375     Landi C., Luiso M. - (Italy)

Performances assessment of electrical motors in presence of disturbances on power supply

BD_017     Reinhard M., Huth G. - (Germany)

Permanent excited synchronous machine with integrated contactless power delivery to the rotor system

BD_185     Binder A., Mirzaei M. - (Germany)

Permanent magnet savings in high speed electrical motors

ED_322     Jokinen M., Saarakkala S., Niemelä M., Pöllänen R., Pyrhönen J. - (Finland)

Physical drawbacks of controlled linear high speed tooth belt drives

CD_083     Zatocil H. - (Germany)

Physical understanding of multiple saliencies in induction motors and their impact on sensorless control

SUR186     Binder A. - (Germany)

Potentials for Energy Saving with Modern Drive Technology – a Survey

PS2314      Caponetto R., Dongola G., Fortuna L., Riscica N., Zufacchi D. - (Italy)

Power consumption reduction in a remote controlled street lighting system

PS1275      Baghaee H. R., Golestan S., Mirsalim S. M., Gharehpetian G. B. - (Iran)

Power control strategy of grid connected parallel inverter interfaced micro-turbines in harmonic polluted grid

CD_163     Dabadgaonkar S. B., Basu I. K., Joshi N. K. - (India)

Power electronic based controller for AC drives in marine pumps

PS1239      Moreno Martinez R., Antenor Pomílio J., Pereira da Silva L. C. - (Brazil)

Power flow control and islanding detection of local generation system with induction generator

MEM226   Baghzouz Y., Bouzidi F. - (U.S.A.)

Power loss in single-phase induction motors with SCR voltage controllers

PS1340      Menniti D., Picardi C., Pinnarelli A., Sgrò D. - (Italy)

Power management by grid-connected inverters using a voltage and current control strategy for microgrid applications

PEC404     Ladoux P., Liccardo F., Marino P., Torre G. - (Italy/France)

Power quality improvement by means AC/AC chopper

PS2118      Bitoleanu A., Popescu M., Dobriceanu M. - (Romania)

Power quality in local transportation network - The case study

PS2180      Stanescu C., Gal S. A., Widmer J., Pispiris S. C. - (Romania/Switzerland)

Power quality monitoring systems in Romanian electricity market

MEM091   Vlad I., Campeanu A., Enache S. - (Romania)

Precision improvement for predetermination of asynchronous motor operation characteristics by considering magnetic saturation

MEM109   Enache S., Campeanu A., Vlad. I. - (Romania)

Predetermination of the performances in dynamical regime for the DC motors using numerical methods

MEM078   Campeanu A., Ionescu A. I., Vlad I., Enache S., Nicolaescu M. - (Romania)

Prediction trough simulation of the optimal behaviour of the induction machine in complex dynamical processes

TD_073     Takahashi K. - (Japan)

Preliminary study of vehicle dynamics in a long train for superconducting maglev system

ED_119     Abdi B., Ranjbar A. H., Malekian K., Milimonfared J., Gharehpetian G. B. - (Iran/Canada)

Problems associated with parallel performance of high current semiconductor switches and their remedy

BD_051     Yano T. - (Japan)

Proposal of polyhedron based spherical stepping motors

PEC206     Dell'Aquila A., Lecci A. - (Italy)

PSO-based control optimization of power converters

MIS077     Ahonen T., Tiainen R., Ahola J., Kestila J. - (Finland)

Pump operation monitoring applying frequency converter

ACF008     Seifossadat G., Ghasemi A. - (Iran/France)

Quality improvement of shunt active power filter, using optimized tuned harmonic passive filters

CD_110     Li Weichao, Hu An, Geng Shiguang, Sun Chi - (China)

Rapid control prototyping of fifteen-phase induction motor drives based on dSPACE

BD_238     Shabani A., Shokrollahi-Moghani J., Milimonfared J. - (Iran)

Reduction of cogging force in axially magnetized tubular permanent magnet machines with iron pole-piece slotting

PS2120      Abdi B., Ranjbar A. H., Milimonfared J., Gharehpetian G. B. - (Iran/Canada)

Reliability comparison of boost PFC converter in DCM and CCM operating modes

PEC122     Ranjbar A. H., Abdi B., Milimonfared J., Gharehpetian G. B. - (Iran/Canada)

Reliability considerations for full-bridge DC-DC converter in fuel-cell applications

PEC160     Zhou Jinghua, Li Zhengxi - (China)

Research on hybrid modulation strategies based on general hybrid topology of multilevel inverter

PEC288     Bellini A., Bifaretti S., Iacovone V. - (Italy)

Resonant DC-DC converters for renewable energy generation systems

CD_278     Mortazavi S.S., Kianinezhad R., Ghasemi A. - (Iran)

Robust active power filter for power quality improvement under fast load variation

CD_409     Filote C., Ciufudean C., Graur A., Cozgarea A. M., Amarandei D. - (Romania)

Robust-adaptive flux observer in high performance vector control of induction motors

BD_229     Satoshi Y., Hasegawa M., Matsui K. - (Japan)

Robustness evaluation of IPMSM sensorless control to magnetic saturation using un-known input observer

PS1177      Ilisiu D. - (Romania)

Romanian energy market impact on automation and management systems of the large power plants units

MIS350     Ohsaki H., Komi Y., Sekino M., Kubota M., Yamauchi Y. - (Japan)

Rotational loss analysis of thrust bearing using a superconducting coil for flywheel energy storage

PEC403     Accardo L., Fioretto M., Giannini G., Marino P. - (Italy)

Sampling problems using Mixed Random Modulation Tecniques (MRMT) for the reduction of magnetic noise in traction motors

CD_292     Egaña I., Elósegui I., Martínez-Iturralde M., García Rico A., Florez J. - (Spain)

Segmented plane magnets in surface mounted permanent magnet machines: influence and design

PEC220     Hotait H., Massoud A.M., Finney S. J., Williams B. W. - (U.K.)

Sensorless capacitor voltage balancing using redundant states for five-level multilevel inverter at high power factor high modulation index

CD_347     Andriollo M., De Bortoli M., Martinelli G., Morini A., Tortella A. - (Italy)

Sensorless control strategy for a VAWT driven PM synchronous generator

BD_079     Ozcira S., Bekiroglu N., Aycicek E. - (Turkey)

Sensorless speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on direct torque control

CD_285     Wang C., Zhou Z., Unsworth P., Farrell T. O. - (U. K.)

Sensorless speed measurement of induction machines using short time Fourier transformation

CD_283     Casadei D., Mengoni M., Serra G., Tani A., Zarri L. - (Italy)

Seven-phase induction motor drive based on stator flux vector control

PEC401     Kouzou A.,  Khaldi B. S.,  Mahmoudi M. O., Boucherit M. S. - (Algeria)

Shunt active power filter apparent power for design process

PEC199     Sobczyk T. J., Borkowski D. - (Poland)

Simplified analysis of matrix converter as a voltage phase controller for power system

BD_115     Jianghua Cao, Xiangyu Yang - (China)

Simulation and modeling of dual-rotor permanent-magnet synchronous motor based on MATLAB

PEC257     Begalke T. - (U.S.A.)

Single transformer multiple port converter

TD_272     Henini N., Tabbache B., Roubache T., Kheloui A. - (Algeria)

Sizing methodology of EV drive system based on optimal power efficiency

CD_218     Ryvkin S., Schmidt-Obermoeller R., Steimel A. - (Germany, Russia)

Sliding mode control design technique for drive system fed by a three-level voltage source inverter

ACF049     Kanaan H.Y. , Mendalek N., Georges S., Hayek A., Al-Haddad K. - (Lebanon-Canada)

Small-signal averaged modeling, simulation and linear control design of a PWM fixed frequency three-phase four-wire shunt active power filter for a typical industrial load

PEC219     Casini D., Marola G. - (Italy)

Solar battery charger for NiMH batteries

PEC405     Ahmed M.E., Mekhilef S. - (Malaysia)

Space vector modulation control scheme for three-level nine switch inverter

PEC360     Grandi G., Tani A., Serra G. - (Italy)

Space vector modulation of six-phase VSI based on three-phase decomposition

MEM354   Jardan R. K., Nagy I., Varga Z - (Hungary)

Special features of ultra high speed induction generators applied in the utilization of renewable energy sources

CD_323     Larabi A., Mahmoudi M. O., Boucherit M. S. - (Algeria)

Speed sensorless vector control of induction motor using the adaptive method with model of reference

PS2393      Chiodo E., Lauria D. - (Italy)

Stability assessment of power system including FACTS devices

PS1150      Wei Keyin, Liu Dezhi, Ou Yangbin, Li Weichao - (China)

Stability study of multi twelve-phase synchronous generator-rectifier system paralleled at DC-side

MEM369   Bruzzese C., Giordani A., Santini E. - (Italy)

Static and dynamic rotor eccentricity on-line detection and discrimination in synchronous generators by no-load E.M.F. space vector loci analysis

CD_259     Salvatore N., Cascella G. L., Dell’Aquila A., Stasi S. - (Italy)

Stator flux oriented control of induction motors using variable-saturation regulators

MEM368   Reichert K. - (Switzerland)

Steady-state finite-element methods to permanent magnet motor characteristics determination

PS1009      Golkar M. A., Gahrooyi Y. R. - (Iran)

Stochastic assessment of voltage sags in distibution networks

MSA157    Prempraneerach P., Chryssostomidis C., Triantafyllou M. S., Karniadakis G. E. - (U.S.A.)

Stochastic modeling of integrated power system coupled to hydrodynamics in the all-electric ship

TD_121     Carter R., Cruden A. - (U. K.)

Strategies for control of a battery/supercapacitor system in an electric vehicle

BD_097     Kazumasa A., Yamada A., Miki I., Nakamura M. - (Japan)

Study on improvement of efficiency for outer rotor type of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor

TS_396      Battistelli L., Proto D. - (Italy)

Substation inverter control for AC electrified transportation systems

MIS021     Molfese C., Schipani P., Capaccioli M., Sedmak G., D’Orsi S. - (Italy)

Survey telescope control electronics

PEC067     Wenhua Hu, Weiming Ma, Qianzhi Zhou - (China)

Switch linear hybrid power converter and its applications

PEC222     Ortenzi G., Pomilio J. A. - (Brazil)

Switch mode power supply scalability

PEC190     Vázquez C., Lafoz M., García-Tabarés L.,Ugena D., Toral F., Rodríguez E., Sanz S.,Rodríguez I., Carrillo D. - (Spain)

Switching losses reduction in current-controlled single-phase inverters

PEC116     Oleschuk V., Griva G., Profumo F., Tenconi A. - (Italy)

Synchronized overmodulation techniques for symmetrical dual three-phase converters

MEM370   Bruzzese C., Giordani A., Rossi A., Santini E. - (Italy)

Synchronous generator eccentricities modeling by improved MWFA and fault signature evaluation in no-load E.M.F.s and current spectra

PEC069     Yuan Y. - (China)

The capacitor commutated converter (CCC) as an alternative for application in slip-energy recovery drives

MEM383   Komma T., Gueldner H. - (Germany)

The effect of different air-gap positions on the winding losses of modern planar ferrite cores in switch mode power supplies

MEM189   Chrisanov V. - (Poland)

The induction motor start-up with transient suppression

PEC182     Baguley C. A.,  Madawala U. K., Carsten B. - (New Zealand)

The influence of temperature, and core geometry on ferrite core losses under DC bias conditions

MEM247   Drif M., Marques Cardoso A. J. - (Portugal)

The instantaneous power factor approach for rotor cage faults diagnosis in three-phase induction motors

MID376     Fiorucci E., Bucci G., Rotondale N., Ciancetta F. - (Italy)

The measurement of the instantaneous power rms value for the power distortion evaluation

MR_094    Nagai T., Aramaki S. - (Japan)

The representation method of robotic assembly task with click action

MIS036     Ganesh N., Parameswari R.,Samaya Sanjeevi K., Kamaraj V. - (India)

The use of soft magnetic composite material in switched reluctance machine - A study on static magnetic characterization

TD_215     Hrabovcova V., Rafajdus P., Vojeneiak M., Susota M. - (Slovak Rep.)

Thermal analysis of superconducting traction transformer

FDA007     Gamil A. - Herold G. - (Germany)

Three phase fault analysis of dc-link rectifier using new power differential protection concept

BD_252     Cistelecan M. V., Popescu M., Melcescu L., Tudorache T. - (Romania)

Three phase line start claw poles permanent magnet motor with pole changing winding

CD_060     Braslavsky I. Ya, Zyuzev A. M., Nesterov K.E. - (Russia)

Thyristor controlled asynchronous electrical drive without speed sensor

ED_256     Mihaiu M. I. - (Romania)

Toward the “ideal diode” by using power MOSFET in full wave synchronous rectifiers for low voltage power supplies

MEM144   Eme A., Chamagne D., Pouget J., Glises R. - (France)

Transient multiphysical modeling of an actuator for a variable load

EEE192     Roasto I., Vinnikov D. - (Estonia)

Ultracapacitors as an innovative teaching topic in Tallinn University of Technology

BD_174     Moussa M.F., Helal A., Gaber Y., Youssef H.A. - (Egypt)

Unity power factor control of permanent magnet motor drive system

EEE141     Vodovozov V., Vinnikov D.,  Lehtla T. - (Estonia/ Russia)

University collaboration in professional training in power electronics

PS2291      Giannoccaro N. I.,  Messina A., Sakamoto T. - (Italy/Japan)

Updating of a lumped model for an experimental web tension control system using a multivariable optimization method

PEC020     Ghadimi A., Rastegar H., Keyhani A. - (Iran)

Using average modeling technique for design, analysis and control of a full bridge PWM DC-DC converter

MEM002   Godin Th., Bellemare J., David E. - (Canada)

Using the ramped direct high-voltage method to assess stator winding insulation condition

PSR136     Singo T. A., Martinez A., Saadate S. - (France)

Using ultracapacitors to optimize energy storage in photovoltaic system

PEC338     Sugimura H., Kwon S-K, Nakaoka M. - (Japan/Korea)

Utility frequency AC to high frequency AC soft switching direct power converter without smoothing DC link for IH dual packs heater

TS_084      Kobielski A., Prusak J. - (Poland)

Variability of a load of DC railway traction substations in a statistical approach

MID395     Orkisz M., Wnek M., Kryczka K., Joerg P. - (Poland/Switzerland)

Variable frequency drive as a source of condition monitoring data

PEC223     Canesin C. A. , Gonçalves F. A. S., Leandro E., Pinto J. O. P. - (Brazil)

Variable speed refrigeration system with HPF input rectifier stage

BD_032     Grabner C. - (Germany)

Vector control versus brushless DC operation of a higher harmonic air-gap wave based permanent magnet motor

TD_018     Hartani K., Miloud Y., Bourahla M. - (Algeria)

Vehicle stability improvement based on electronic differential using sliding mode control

TD_306     Morita G., Konishi T., Hase S., Nakamichi Y. - (Japan)

Verification tests of electric double-layer capacitors for static energy storage system in DC electrified railway

CD_343     Pimentel J. R., Rojas-Moreno A. - (U.S.A.)

VHDL-AMS simulation support for SoC design and implementation of AC motor drives

TD_154     Vignaux L., Saiz J., Castellazzi A., Ladoux P. - (France/Switzerland)

VHDL-AMS traction drive model including a 3D description of thermal effects

PED298     Pietkiewicz A. - (Switzerland)

Virtual laboratory for harmonics filtering visualization

SEM072    Subtirelu E., Dobriceanu M. - (Romania)

Virtual measurement system for study and determination parameters in asynchronous motor test

MIS421     Chiodo E., Mazzanti G. - (Italy)

Voltage endurance estimation in aging inference of electrical machines

MSA408    Giadrossi G., Menis R., Sulligoi G., Tessarolo A. - (Italy)

Voltage stability analysis of all-electric cruise liners

MSA420    Hepburn R. - (U.S.A.)

Why a naval architect likes an electric ship

PEC113     Sack L., Piepenbreier B.,  Zimmermann M. V. - (Germany)

Z-source inverter for general purpose drives in motoring and regenerating operation


General Chairmen

Prof. Enrico Pagano
University of Naples
"Federico II" (Italy)

Prof. Eiji Yamada
University of Nagasaki (Japan)

Scientific Secretariat:

Prof. Calogero Cavallaro
Prof. Andrea Del Pizzo
Prof. Giuseppe Tomasso

Speedam 2008

Nagasaki University

University of Naples Federico II

University of Catania

University of Cassino

Speedam 2008

IEEE - Industrial Electronics Society

Conference proceedings will be published on IEEE Xplore