Open Positions

We are seeking to recruit three 1-year postdoctoral research fellows (Assegno di Ricerca) that will have a key research role in one or both of these areas:

A1) Multi-Agent Systems distributed programming.
Three different case studies will be analyzed for underwater bio-mimetic robots, namely the area coverage, the cooperative navigation and the distributed estimation. The successful candidates may propose an analytical versus a more computational approach based on their experience. AI-based approach may also be of interest. An experimental implementation is foreseen with the help of the Consortium’s spin-offs.
Project: MAXFISH
Reference: prof. Gianluca Antonelli

A2) Multi-Agent Systems composable autonomy.
From the functional perspective, underwater networked robots are traditionally seen as part of a rigid formation, each one of them having a specific and static role in the mission execution. The objective of the composable autonomy is adding an extreme flexibility in the task and role allocation of the robots making them capable of taking local decision in order to improve the efficiency of the accomplishment of the mission. The successful candidates may propose optimization and/or AI-based distributed approaches to be implemented for the foreseen experimental campaigns.
Project: COMET
Reference: prof. Stefano Chiaverini
Reference: prof. Paolo Di Lillo

A3) Multiple mobile manipulators,
Robotic systems composed of multiple mobile manipulators, capable of performing industrially relevant tasks both in a cooperative and collaborative way. Major research objectives: development of novel approaches to planning and control of
cooperative robotic systems composed by multiple mobile manipulators; development of approaches to collaboration between humans and multi-robot systems via bidirectional communication and interaction; experimental demonstration in industrially driven use cases. Research outputs will comprise novel approaches to distributed control and fault diagnosis for cooperative mobile manipulators as well as to human-robot interaction.
Project: COM3
Reference: prof. Filippo Arrichiello

The successful candidates will conduct their research at the LAI ROBOTICS in Cassino and will be involved in 3 different national projects (PRIN – Progetto di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale).

We are looking for highly-motivated young scientists with a background, and eventually a PhD, in robotics or informatics, and possibly publications in areas related to the topic of interest.

Strong competencies in C/C++ programming and MATLAB are essential.

Qualified potential applicants should provide the following material:
1) Cover letter briefly describing their background and career plans
2) CV
3) Link to their research web-site
4) A list of publications
5) Date of availability
6) Names and contact information of at least two references
All documents should be submitted via email as a single compressed/pdf
file to with the subject: POSTDOC CANDIDATE
(PRIN2022 A1, A2 or A3).

Salary and duration
The positions are 1 year full time and will be paid according to the current Italian scheme. Salary will be determined depending on the level of experience and research seniority of the individual candidate. Positions will remain open until a suitable number of strongly qualified candidates are selected.

About Cassino
Cassino is a 35.000 citizen town located in the south of Lazio, in the middle between Roma and Napoli, reachable in about 1,5h train by both towns. It is a walking-distance town, including the two Engineering departments. The cost of living is among the lowest in Italian University towns, it is located 30km far from the sea and 80km from ski